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Meet  Heidi!

Everything In Its Place is owned and operated by Heidi Alexander, born in California, raised in Illinois and has lived in Charleston for 20 years. Graduating with a BS from College of Charleston, she’s worked in a number of fields: Dentistry, Modeling, Christian Mission Work, United States Naval Reservist, and an organizer her whole life... a Professional Organizer.

All of Heidi's team members are trained to her exact standards of organization, and she stands behind their work as though it was her own.. Heidi is on location for each job, and personally works with the client one-on-one. In most cases, the project involves discussions throughout the process to ensure the exact wishes of the client are understood and carried out.

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Watch  Heidi's video!

Heidi was recently featured on Podcast Business News Network!

Listen as she shares her unique approach to client relationships &

 what she values most in her career as a professional organizer.

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