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Here's what my happy clients have to say...

Everything In Its Place is a must have source for anyone making a move, whether at an advanced age or at any age.  Heidi Alexander is the most organized woman we've ever met--OCD in a very good way!  She and her excellent team make your move seamless and almost totally without stress.  We highly recommend her and know you'll be amazed at her skills set.


Laura and Dave Wallace 

S E N I O R   C A R E   T R A N S I T I O N S

“I called Heidi Alexander of Everything In Its Place to see if she was available to help me organize my house to get it ready for sale. We are moving from a five bedroom house to a small two bedroom cottage. Everything had to be sorted and disposed of including childhood toys and items that had been in my family for generations. It was a very emotional time for me and I just need a lot of help and hand-holding. Heidi came in and with a lot of expertise and great empathy we went through the house room by room and got the job done. Heidi has become a dear, dear friend and she was there for me every step of the way. I would recommend her to anyone who needs to organize a closet, a room, or a whole house. She is a special person who makes things happen.”        

Randolph W. Berretta (Mrs. Robert E)

F U L L     H O M E

"Heidi's organizational skills are simply amazing. She organized our attic, our garage and our closets. We have tons of newly found space and things are so neat and orderly, it is just wonderful! She is quick and efficient and worth every penny. I highly recommend Heidi, she will transform your home."

Dr. Ann Flynn


“Heidi Alexander's extraordinary organizing skills and ability to filter through the junk and valuables helped not only de-clutter my house but also de-cluttered our lives. She did a fabulous job of storing, categorizing and organizing.  She is wonderful to work with!” 

Melissa F. Brown


"Please accept this as my strongest possible recommendation for the services of Heidi Alexander and Everything In Its Place. I am the owner of a law firm and was in despair when I got the notice that I would have to relocate my office after 30 years in the same location. I was skeptical and reluctant when first approached by Heidi. I can now say that she literally changed my life, and her organizational services were worth every penny. Heidi transformed my life, and law practice, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I would highly recommend her services."

Lawrence C. Kobrovsky

O F F I C E / B U S I N E S S 

"You can imagine how busy a "Chic-Fil-A" business busy that our office space was no longer an office. Heidi came in, cleaned out and organized our office in a couple of days!  She utilized every inch of the office, placing pertinent and active files at eye level, marketing tools, office and training supplies in separate labeled areas, and created a spacious new working environment for my entire management staff.  For the first time in years, it looks great!"

John Wrenn, Owner of Chic-Fil-A  |  North Mt. Pleasant, SC

O F F I C E / B U S I N E S S 

“I had a great experience with Heidi and Everything In Its Place. We were down sizing and hired Heidi to assist us with putting our family home on the market after living there for 20 years and raising 3 children. This involved a lot of emotion, massive de-cluttering and staging the home. With Heidi's assistance, humor and patience, we cleared out the Legos, Polly pockets and piles of macaroni projects (she will make you piles labeled -DONATE and TOSS). Using Heidi's organizational talents (especially with closets) and interior design experience, she staged the home using mostly our furniture and decor, plus fresh paint, a few items from Target (and one or two of Heidi's own pieces). I wanted to move back in it looked so fabulous! The house sold in less than a week. I do not know what we would have done without her!"   

Jennifer Munter Stark

F U L L     H O M E

“Heidi has a very discerning eye when it comes to treasures/keepsakes vs. clutter!  She is very cognizant of an individual's attachment to objects and items, so she slowly walks you through the process of "letting go" of clutter in a professional, pleasant and patient manner.  Heidi is a delight to work with and to have in your home!  The outcome of her work is absolutely amazing and totally freeing! Our garage hasn’t looked this good in years!”

Pat & Martha Waters


“When we decided it was time to do something about the attic, we called Heidi based on her references. The process was painless, as she coached us on the all-important decision process—what to keep, what to consign, and what to donate to charity. It was not a “throw everything away” process… she went through decades of photographs, our children’s mementos, and shelves of chaos. Heidi ensured all the things of sentimental value were organized, binned, labeled, and put back in a system that makes our keepsakes accessible. We highly recommend her!”

Bob & Kitty Pearce


“One of the best decisions I have ever made was to make the call to Everything In Its Place, owned by Heidi Alexander. Heidi was professional, she was there to do the job that needed to be done (our attic, which had been a daunting task we dreaded doing for years), and she completed the task in a timely manner. I would call her again anytime I needed organizing ANYTHING! Kudos to Heidi and her organizational skills.”

Kathryn Phillips


"Heidi worked with my mother-in-law Wynefred when she moved to this area from northern Virginia.  Wynefred left the home she had lived in for 30 years. Heidi was invaluable in helping her organize all her belongings: she did everything from organizing bathroom cabinets to arranging  furniture and hanging paintings. She was also fabulous at coaxing Wynefred to donate or dispose of items that were no longer needed or wouldn't fit into her apartment at The Franke Home.  I highly recommend Everything In Its Place Organizational Services!"

Dr. Phyllis Rogerson

S E N I O R   C A R E   T R A N S I T I O N S

"Heidi moved us twice in a 20 month period. During that time she made all the arrangements for each move including hiring the moving company, disposing of unwanted items, packing, unpacking, and organizing all items for the move including kitchenware, clothes and placing all items in each new abode arranging the furniture and hanging pictures. Our moves were completely worry free and 3 days after the last move we were able to entertain guests in our new home at Bishop Gadsden. We could not  recommend her more highly for your next move."   

Bill & Martha Tucker

S E N I O R   C A R E   T R A N S I T I O N S

"I was recommended to Everything In Its Place by a co-worker to organize my garage to surprise my wife while she was out of town. Heidi organized my tools, the children's sports equipment, camping gear, put up shelving, and even painted my work table. We were able to park our vehicles back in the garage. When it was complete, it looked like new construction. My wife was very surprised, and oh so happy."



“Like many people these days, I recently downsized—and chose Heidi Alexander to plan and oversee the move. Yes, I could’ve just hired a moving company, but Heidi personally organized everything before it was packed; making sure not to pack items I no longer needed or wanted, supervised the loading and unloading; then organized everything in my new apartment at the Franke Home. She’d measured all the furniture and we’d agreed on the layout, so what-went-where was predetermined. The very next day, I was relaxing on the couch.”

Barbara Zobel


"My brother and I recently encountered a one-two punch we were not expecting. Our mother died, and as a result we were forced to find our Father an assisted-living community immediately... The next step we found simply too difficult to tackle: Going through their home of 30 years, dealing with their life-time of personal treasures, and prepping the home for sale. 

Heidi came in, and turn-keyed the entire process:

  • She carefully and thoughtfully helped us decide what keepsakes we wanted.

  • She arranged for a professional estate sale.

  • She brought in handymen and cleaning crews

  • She handled the removal of all unwanted furniture and trash

  • She prepped the house down to the tiniest detail... even removing out if style window treatments.

We were, honestly, very concerned about putting the house on the market... when Heidi started, it seemed the project was overwhelming. After Heidi finished, it sold in one week. Needless to say, we give her a 5-Star Rating.”  

Doug & Alex Murphy  |  Charleston, South Carolina


“Heidi has helped us again! First, she helped us get ready to sell our house as part of an overall strategy to down-size and simplify our lives. The house was under contract after 9 days on the market in I’on. Second, she is helping us with making our hopes become a reality: a house of order, beauty, function and simplicity for a husband, wife and two boys in our new space. She does not hinder, she helps. She does not control, she guides. I am learning so much from Heidi!”

James & Peggy McKinny


Imagine... you are surrounded by boxes, in the middle of moving, and there is someone who can do it all for you! True. Heidi puts it all together, down to the last sock... truly amazing!

Carol Murphy


“My family owns a vacation home that had gotten away from us—we always want to play when we get there, and we just didn’t focus on keeping it organized. A friend of mine told me she trusted Heidi to organize her jewelry safe, so I could trust her to organize our second home unsupervised.  It was fantastic. She even created an organizational map for me which we discussed when she got back to town. I still use that map today! Heidi was a great find!”

Denise Berlin  |  Summerfield, Florida


"My husband and I work management-level jobs and have two kids participating in every sport and activity imaginable. Chaos eventually engulfed our home.  I was speaking with a friend in Charleston, and she mentioned Heidi. When I questioned the cost of bringing her to Illinois, my friend asked me about the value of my sanity. We flew her in for a week, and she organized our entire built-in basement where my children (and their dozens of friends) play. She talked me through many items and ended up donating 2 cars full of toys and clothes. Heidi created an amazing functional space for my children where they are not overwhelmed with everything. It was so freeing for my entire family we scheduled another week with her this summer. Heidi’s enthusiasm was infectious, and her work ethics were miraculous—and worth every dime!”  

Wendy Goodrum |  Princeton, Illinois


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