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Many of my clients have lived in their homes 40-60 years, and it’s overwhelming even deciding where to begin. I know! Together we’ll determine what you want, what the children want, what will fit in your new space, what should be sold, what should be donated, and what should be discarded.


Depending on the client’s wants and needs, I can organize and supervise the entire moving process: Boxing up, managing movers, truck rental, unboxing, and organizing everything into your new home.


...Not limited to Charleston! Heidi has several client's who have hired her to organize their second home, vacation home, and/or their parents' home. Estimates for jobs involving travel are always available. Heidi has traveled several states, including: Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, North Carolina, and Maryland.


“My husband and I work management-level jobs and have two kids participating in every sport and activity imaginable. Chaos eventually engulfed our home. I was speaking with a friend in Charleston, and she mentioned Heidi. When I questioned the cost of bringing her to Illinois, my friend asked me about the value of my sanity. We flew her in for a week, and she organized our entire built-in basement where my children (and their dozens of friends) play. She talked me through many items and ended up donating 2 cars full of toys and clothes. Heidi created an amazing functional space for my children where they are not overwhelmed with everything. It was so freeing for my entire family we scheduled another week with her this summer. Heidi’s enthusiasm was infectious, and her work ethics were miraculous—and worth every dime!”     


Wendy Goodrum

Princeton, IL


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